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Choice: 'This is an intriguing, atmospheric screenplay with a potentially interesting cast of strong characters...There's clearly a compelling screenplay bubbling away here...' BBC writersroom

A Brief Case:
'A true page turner. This script has action adventure from start to finish and probably had the best mid-point plot point with the bomb attached to the women. In fact, the morning after scene is written to perfection...The story does have everything going for it: adventure, sexuality, comedy, violence and tension...and it should go far.!' WILDsound

Solar Storm

In Development with Pelican Pictures (Story and Idea by Joe Rabl)

A massive eruption of magnetic, radio and radiation waves are on the way to Earth from the Sun and are about to create more than just electrical disruption; in the course of one day, a city is going to descend into chaos and send some of its inhabitants on a journey of discovery, pursuit and death through the effect on their behaviour by the Solar Storm.

At the beginning of the day Joe Perkel is threatened with eviction for non-payment of rent and has his only possession of value, his guitar, taken away from him, Inspector Rich Munro performs badly on a weapons test and Jasmine & Eric Sneider have breakfast with their bickering conversation changing to a threatening tension between them, despite the presence of her son.

Joe is desperate for money and decides to rob a gas station, Jasmine is there, filling up after taking her son to school and the Inspector is washing his car on his way home from work. Joe grabs Jasmine and forces the Attendant to hand over the money at gunpoint, the Inspector tries to intervene but has to back down, Joe handcuffs him to the Attendant and escapes by forcing Jasmine to drive her car to get away despite the Inspector's threat that he will hunt him down.

Eric proves he's not quite the respectable business man and husband he appears, pimping Jasmine out for cash and putting pressure on Joe's Landlord to get him his money. Jasmine skilfully evades the police in pursuit and takes Joe to a secluded car park, Jasmine tries to escape, Joe catches her and can't let her go as he agreed, some kind of connection is growing between them.

Police radios breaking-up, traffic signals malfunctioning and a volatile incident involving street people are signs that the 'Storm is exerting its influence. The robbery is reported on the T.V. news and seen by Shark, leader of a gang that Joe belonged to, who is not happy with what he sees – he sets out to find Joe. The Inspector makes it back to headquarters and continues his investigation, discovering Joe's identity and his address and Eric, concerned that Jasmine has missed an appointment, discovers that her car isn't where it should be.

Joe takes Jasmine to his apartment to hide...they get increasingly close as they share something of their lives and why they feel trapped, Jasmine reveals the abusive nature of Eric, Joe doesn't know what to do but he does know that he cares for her. The Inspector brings in a SWAT Team and prepares to raid...Shark is on his way...

The Inspector and S.W.A.T. Team smash into the apartment to the surprise of the couple that live there – it's Joe's old address but at the same time Shark arrives at the right address and hammers on the door – Joe, thinking it's the police, tells Jasmine it's over and he's going to escape but she doesn't want to be left behin. They run over the roof tops and are chased by Shark who wants the money, Joe is shot and he and Jasmine are both hurt in the fight that ensues...Joe loses his gun but they get away, even when they run into a stand-off between police and a violent group of youths, the police actually help them away from the situation without realising that Joe is wanted.

The Inspector has to tell Eric what's happened, Eric seems genuinely distraught as the Inspector realises there might be an element of Stockholm Syndrome or even collusion on Jasmine's part. Eric calls Joe's Landlord and tells him to find them as the Inspector searches for more information.

After avoiding Shark's gang members Joe and Jasmine hole-up in a hotel. They dress their wounds, they make love and decide to rob Eric and start a new life together. Without knowing they're being followed by the Landlord and the Inspector, they seem to lose them and make their way through the city – a city on fire in the chaos of full scale riot and looting which increases when the power grid and mobile network fails.

At Jasmine & Eric's apartment, Eric's presence surprises them, Jasmine shoots him, she picked-up Joe's gun on the roof, Joe tries to stop her by taking the gun and is caught with it in his hand as the Inspector arrives and arrests Joe.

Joe writes a song for Jasmine in his cell, the Inspector drives home and Jasmine warns her son about the effects of the sun...the effects of a Solar Storm...


In Development with Choogy Production (based on 'A Brief Case')

A corporate financier (Simon) tries to put his troubled home life to one side as he prepares to complete a major deal. A taxi driver (Benjamin) is rejected by his girlfriend (Anna) who works as a waitress in a dead-end life; something has come between them.

Simon comes across Anna, they've slept together before and he wants to see her again. Before they can meet he's mugged at the same time as Benjamin. These two men, from opposite ends of the social scale, join together in pursuit of the robbers. When they find them they come across a grisly scene, reclaim their affects and leave in a conspiracy that they hope will not change their lives.

On the morning of the deal Simon wakes up in bed with Anna...she is wearing a bomb. His phone rings and he is blackmailed by an anonymous voice to change the deal with the threat of exploding the bomb if he fails to comply or goes to the authorities.

They leave the hotel and get into Benjamin's taxi. It is an uncomfortable reunion with the revelation of the affair but there's no time for confrontation.

Benjamin looks on anxiously as Anna sits outside the office building with innocents passing-by and Simon conducts the meeting inside changing the deal as required.

The deal is completed, the bomb is disengaged...and then Benjamin kidnaps Anna. Simon tries to intervene unsuccessfully and is left behind.

Benjamin reveals to Anna that it was him behind the plot and now he's been paid their money worries are over. But finding out about her and Simon has shattered his world and he decides to explode the bomb. Meanwhile Simon tries and fails to find Anna, eventually giving up and deciding to fly home. Anna isn't ready to comply with Benjamin's 'romantic' gesture. Despite the accident of choice she's had her own agenda all along...

Wrestling With Angels

A man tries to get through his redundant day but as the night comes is confronted with himself.

A Brief Case

based on an idea by Thomas Rushforth and Caspar Arnhold

A Business Man on his way to close a big deal gets off the plane and into a whole lot of trouble...a Taxi Driver near the end of his day nearly ends his days...and then there's The Girl in some lingerie that could blow you away. A clash of class and consequence, personal and political, at high speed.


adapted from the novel THE FOUR CHAMBERED HEART by Anais Nin

A young dancer, DJUNA, believes in love. She finds her complement in the chaotic storm that is RANGO, a gypsy guitarist. In the middle of a Paris that was inhabited by artists, prostitute and revolutionaries they create the world from the beginning of two in the magical safety of a barge on the Seine. Despite the conventions of her up-bringing that pursue her, DJUNA follows her heart which leads her into the malevolent contact of ZORA, RANGO’S crippled wife. DJUNA finds that her attempt at capturing all that is inspiring and liberating in love leads to despair. There is no escape if you confront the illusion of wholeness, it is a connection of fragments; but this reality exists as the dawn follows the night...

The Art of War

Michael (an impoverished, talented artist) sells a forgery of an Impressionist painting to Besnik (an organised crime gang leader) who is being investigated over an imminent drugs deal by Maria (a career-focused undercover police officer). Besnik attempts to rape Maria and she violently defends herself. Maria is thrown off the case and seconded to Arts and Antiques to assist Oliver (an obsessive researcher for the Looted Art Commission) who researches the provenance of the real Impressionist painting being held at an Auction House. Ana Maria (Maria's grandmother) moves house and gives Maria some sketches of an Impressionist and Old Master she kept from a love affair with David (Michael's grandfather) in Lisbon during the Second World War. David had to identify his own family's looted paintings being escorted by Matthias (Oliver's grandfather); including the Impressionist which was sold in Portugal because it was 'degenerate' and the Old Master which was shipped to South America. Besnik discovers he has bought a forgery and uses Michael's debt to him by using him to authenticate the Old Master, stolen in South America and now used as collateral in the drugs deal which has escaped the police operation. Maria shows her grandmother's sketches to Oliver who recognises them from his research and the Old Master one from a study he saw Michael doing. They find Michael and David - Oliver learns about and is reconciled to his grandfather's past and Maria finds out where the drugs deal is being completed and arrests Besnik. The paintings are restituted to Michael and David.